Promotional Bottled Water

Merchandising, or promotional advertising, is one of the most effective modes of advertising in use today. It makes an immediate and lasting impact and can help a company in getting enhanced brand recognition and increased visibility among potential customers.

About Bottled Water

Bottled water is the drink of choice of the more health conscious, contemporary and socially aware consumers. Bottled water is a cost effective, high impact way to portray a vibrant, health conscious brand message.

About our Spring water

Spring water is one of the purest, natural spring waters available anywhere in the world. It has an exceptionally pure taste characterised by a clean, crisp palate.

Water is pumped from the spring bores into holding tanks.

From the holding tanks the spring water is pumped progressively through micron filters to remove any sand or floating particles.

We then introduce ozone, sterilising and cleansing the water to remove possible bacteria.

To soften the spring water, it is then recirculated and the ozone level is constantly monitored to ensure a sterile product before bottling.

Residual ozone will ensure a sterile product is maintained after the bottling procedure. The spring water is then piped direct to the bottling machine where it passes through yet another filter.


  • We can supply Spring Water in three different sized bottles: 250ml, 350ml or 600ml

  • We can supply Vitamin water in a 500ml bottle

  • You have a large print area for your details in up to 4 colour, full bleed on a wrap-around label.

  • Design and art services are available

Custom Bottled Water

Customised bottles of water, with your own label design, are becoming one of the fastest growing promotional products. The important thing to take care of is how you should go about customising the bottled water.

What to put on the bottle?

Name and Contact Details - Plain and simple. You can just put your company, brand or product name on the bottle as well as your contact details and it will be quite an effective way of promoting yourself.

Logo - If you have a unique logo or a recognisable one, it is great to incorporate it into the label - or alternatively if you have an event create a logo that embodies the event, the water and your own brand. The more vibrant the design the more eye catching the water will be to the recipient.

Slogan - Instead of getting your name or logo printed, it is an interesting idea to put the slogan of your company on the customised bottled water. People reading this can be intrigued to get to know more about your company or product.

Promotional bottled water can be ideally used at the following places:

  • Product Launches

  • Promotions

  • Premiums

  • Exhibitions Conferences

  • Events Incentives

  • Fundraising

  • Seminars

  • Radio and TV Stations

  • In-Car Promotions

  • Car Dealerships

  • Give-aways

  • Real Estate Agencies and Auctions

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Street Campaigns

  • Merchandise Ranges

  • Complimentary Advertising Collateral

  • Restaurants

  • Convention Centres

  • Golf Tournaments

  • Health and Fitness

  • Hotels, Resorts and Spas

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Churches

  • Weddings

  • Sports Area Concessions

  • Sporting Events

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